Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Taj McCoy of Rees Literary

Taj McCoy is a literary agent with Rees Literary.

Taj (she/her) has a law degree from Southwestern Law School and a bachelor’s degree in Business Law from California State University, Northridge. Taj trained as an agent under Fuse Literary, and has previously served as a Pitch Wars mentor and as co-program manager for Diverse Voices, Inc.’s DVdebut program. Her Adult Fiction is published through Mira/HQN.

Taj is building her list in Adult Fiction and Nonfiction, Young Adult, and Middle Grade, as well as looking for illustrators. She’s passionately seeking BIPOC and queer creators who highlight parts of their cultures and experiences. She is an advocate for body positivity in publishing, and loves to highlight intersectionality. Taj aims to widen the entryway for marginalized authors into the publishing industry, and to normalize Black joy, fat joy, celebrations of culture, and love without limitations.

In Adult Fiction, she is searching for:

  • Steamy romance
  • Comedy-forward rom-coms
  • Exciting mysteries (cozy or otherwise) which include a romantic element
  • Family sagas and strong, character-driven commercial fiction with a clear character arc
  • Powerful women’s fiction
  • Main characters who are members of underrepresented groups in publishing
  • Cinnamon roll love interests, intergenerational family dynamics, and masculinity that isn’t toxic

In Young Adult, she’s searching for:

  • Angsty, emotional love stories
  • Rom-coms
  • Challenging coming-of-age stories
  • Exciting mysteries and thrillers
  • Witty teens who embrace their cultures and differences

In Middle Grade, she’s looking for:

  • Adventure stories
  • Thrilling fantasies which help kids explore their identities
  • Mysteries that allow readers to explore intersectionality and inclusivity
  • Romance/romcom: first crushes, first kisses, acknowledged feelings

In Nonfiction, she’s searching for:

  • Adult biographies and memoirs which shed light on people and parts of history that are often erased or forgotten
  • Self-help collections focused on empowerment
  • Cookbooks that highlight family traditions and culture
  • YA and MG nonfiction that highlights historical figures and innovators who aren’t included in today’s curriculum
  • Nonfiction picture books
  • Interesting gift/survey/table books––including illustrations or photography
  • Humorous pop culture books

Taj is also looking for illustrators who can work across age groups (picture books, chapter books, MG and YA).

She is NOT currently looking for:

  • Unsolicited fiction picture books
  • Chapter books
  • Adult sci-fi, fantasy, and horror
  • Romance with alpha males
  • Erotica

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