Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Hannah Brattesani of The Friedrich Agency

Hannah Brattesani is a literary agent with The Friedrich Agency.

“After handling international rights for Emma Sweeney agency and Folio Literary Management, I joined the Friedrich Agency at the end of 2019.”

She is seeking: “I’m always intrigued by literary fiction that has a playful disregard for the rules of a novel, like SPEEDBOAT by Renata Adler, and I admire authors with a dark bent (Iain Reid) and an offbeat sense of humor (Jen Beagin). I’m drawn to narrative nonfiction that invites me into a community, culture, or lifestyle that I would never otherwise experience or reframes familiar subjects in humorous or surprising ways. I enjoy popular science but digest it in much the same way as I ate vegetables as a child: mixed into something I find more palatable – I need a strong story and voice to carry me through but appreciate every nutritious morsel I get along the way.

“Five books that I loved but did NOT sell: FEVER DREAM, THE FALCONER, HOW TO BE BOTH, anything by Rebecca Solnit, and BARBARIAN DAYS.”

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